Mom To Mom Advice – Logo Question

Mom To Mom Advice – Logo Question

Question – I need help with a Mitzvah logo. Maybe everyone can share what their child’s logo was?

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  1. Carol says:

    For over 30 years we have designed thousands of logos for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We have an excellent art department and would be very happy to help you with a logo. And on our site, if your child would like, he/she could actually design his or her own logo. We custom imprint on almost any item for party favors. Hooded sweatshirts, bags, pajama pants, blankets, beach towels, t-shirts, aluminum water bottles are just some of our most popular items. But we can imprint on almost any item. Please email us at and/or call us at 845-639-9700 and of course visit our site Look forward to hearing from you! Carol

  2. mark behar says:

    My son loves comic books. We have been to the N.Y. Comic Con two years in a row. So it was only natural that we had the Comic Con Logo made in his name. Tyler Con done my good friend at Drawn to be wild. can create any logo you can possibly think of and do it for incredibly inexpensive.

  3. Amy Gavartin says:

    I knew the moment I saw the Fabudesign website that I wanted Amy Wohl to make the logo for my son’s bar mitzvah! What I didn’t know was how amazing she is to work with and how truly blown away I would be. I am an extremely picky person and tough to please. Amy listened to what I wanted and nailed it immediately. She was beyond fast, super creative and a true joy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

  4. Allison says:

    My son has varied interests and rather than spotlight 1 – we went ahead and toured the 8 Wonders Of His World!

  5. Rachel says:

    My son celebrated his Bar Mitvah in early December and the theme was a Night of Champions. We used the logo on the Gatorade placecard bottles, the centerpieces and the sweatshirt favors. We also had it on the step-and-repeat banner that was used in the TapSnap photo booth.

  6. Melissa says:

    My son loves to travel and we wanted something different. So his theme was Zack Airways. It was a take on the Delta Sky Club Logo. We used both logos on everything from his favors to chocolate to the place cards.

  7. Bob says:

    This was the logo for my daughter’s NYC-themed Bat Mitzvah.

  8. Craig says:

    We had our Mitzvah party in a club that was owned by the singer in Mötley Crüe. I designed this logo with my son’s initials for artwork, in our intro video, on our decor and our giveaway and on a temporary tattoo Save The Date.

  9. Elisa says:

    My daughter Lara Kandel celebrated her Bat Mitzvah last May. She attends Camp Lokanda in the summertime and her theme was CAMP LAR-A-KANDA (playing on both her name and the camp name). The date of her Bat Mitzvah was adapted as the camp “zip code.” The sweatshirt party favors were designed by A Promos dba Imagemaker. The sleeve and back of the zippered sweatshirt featured her design.

  10. Ellen says:

    Here is the logo we are using for Lexie’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Amy Wohl was our graphic designer ( Lexie wanted her logo to include three colors in honor/memory of her aunt (teal, grey and pink) as well as the ovarian cancer awareness ribbon. We are so pleased with what Amy did, the logo definitely honors both Lexie and my sister. We plan to use the logo on favors, signage board and other party decorations.

  11. Michelle says:

    We celebrated my daughter Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah last November with a “Sam I Am” theme. Simon Elliot Events created her logo – which was two parts. We LOVED it and were able to use it on many elements throughout the party.

  12. Jodi says:

    My daughter’s theme for her Bat Mitzvah was woman’s basketball. We had a logo created that looked like the female version of the famous NBA logo. Instead of “NBA” we used her name “MEL,” short for Melanie.

  13. Barb says:

    “Peace” was the theme of our son’s Bar Mitzvah. He wanted to make sure the logo didn’t have a “girly flower power” peace sign which was definitely in style in ’09-’10. Instead, the designer created a logo on a kraft paper background that matched the invitation. It looked pretty cool and definitely masculine!

  14. Ellen says:

    My son’s Bar Mitzvah was a basketball theme. He wanted an urban-look to the logo but no graffiti, so we decided on a black silhouette (Michael Jordan-inspired) and neon splatter paint. We used the logo on everything!

  15. Stephanie Feldman says:

    I used this Rangers themed logo for my son Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah this past April. His theme was Ice Hockey and I created all of the designs that were used for decorations, decoration elements, party favors, etc.

    I own a company called Cutie Patootie Creations. I design Party Invitations, Party Decorations, Customized Bar and Bat Mitzvah Logos, Personalized T-Shirts, Pillow Cases, Water Bottles, Candy Buffet Bags, Stickers, IPhone Cases and Party Favor Giveaways for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

    My website is

  16. Amy says:

    Here are some logos I have created. I have been creating logos for 10 years and have helped many Mitzvah planning families…Feel free to check out my designs at

  17. Michelle Farber says:

    The theme was “Jessiegram,” a play on Instagram. I brought this theme to life using many of the popular symbols that all the kids and adults are familiar with. Learn more at

  18. Sue says:

    A few years ago, when logos weren’t as popular as they are today, we used my son’s initials. We used this design on some signage and the PJs we used for giveaways. It gave the party a cohesive look

  19. Bonnie says:

    Here was the one I used for my Rachel. The graphic artist Amy Wohl, incorporated Rachel’s love of splatter paint into the design. We used it on favors as well as on different decor elements.

  20. Sheri says:

    My son loves the NY Knicks and decided he wanted a Bar Knicksvah! We used his date as the section, row and seat number.

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