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Top Questions To Ask Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Caterer
August 25th, 2021

Top Questions To Ask Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Caterer

Planning your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah service and party can be exciting but it’s also a very stressful time.  You want to feel confident with the decisions and choices you make for your child’s special day.

As you meet with the various Bar and Bat Mitzvah vendors you will be hiring, it’s important to ask the right questions. The goal is select a professional that will be able to answer your questions with confidence and be able to handle every last detail so you can be a real guest at your own event.

Below is a helpful guide when dealing with your Bar or Bat Mitzvah caterer.

What To Look For

* Make sure they understand YOUR vision on what the event should reflect for you and your guests.
* Did they ask questions about your family and are they interested in your families favorite food items?
* They should have the same energy, excitement and enthusiasm you have about this special day.
* Your contract should reflect all of your particular details, wishes and desires. If it isn’t in writing, don’t expect to see it at the party!

Questions To Ask Before Signing A Contract

* How many events will you be doing at the same time as mine?
* Who is my point person?
* Who will be at my event making sure everything we discuss happens?
* How many Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations have you done before?
* What will the guest/staff ratio be?
* Is there a food tasting before my event?
* Will you offer my guests seconds during the main course?
* Do I have enough electric to handle all of the entertainment, lighting, etc?

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