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The Foundation for Sleep Awareness
16 Heller Dr.  
Montclair, NJ 07043


About The Foundation for Sleep Awareness:

In our 24/7 age, The Foundation for Sleep Awareness is a non-profit organization that's on a mission to "Wake Kids up to the Importance of Sleep." The Foundation offers FREE interactive sleep health programs for school-age children and their parents that focus on the profound influence sleep deprivation has on the following issues: sports performance, grades, IQ, ADD/ADHD, growth and healing, obesity, and sleep driving vs. drunk driving. We will discuss with the children how current culture negates the importance of proper sleep and how 80% of current high school students are chronically sleep deprived. The Foundation is delighted to be offering a community-service option to upcoming B'nai Mitzvahs students. Please email Liz Oliner at to book a free program at your school, sport, or club.

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