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Mitzvah Style: What Are The Girls Wearing?09 Dec

  A Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration is a perfect excuse to buy a new dress or suit. As a guest, or the Bar Bat Mitzvah host, you’ll want to be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. You may want an elegant suit for the service or a stylish cocktail dress for an evening party, […]

Mitzvah Inspire: What The Bat Mitzvah Girl Is Wearing30 Jun

Some find the task of shopping for that special dress for their child’s Bat Mitzvah easy and some find it impossible! It helps if your daughter has some idea of what she’s looking for. What color, what length, what style?     Here’s some inspiration that we hope will help with the shopping process:   […]

What Boys Are Wearing To Bar/Bat Mitzvahs03 Nov

We spend so much time talking about the Bat Mitzvah dress; we thought it might be fun to concentrate on the boys for a change! Talk to any Mitzvah Mom of a boy and a girl and they will tell you how much easier it is to dress boys as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah guest or […]