The Greatest Gift

Sarah Greiff’s cousin Andie recently battled cancer and was treated at New York’s Sloane Kettering Hospital. As part of Sarah’s Mitzvah Project (her Bat Mitzvah will be later this year in October), Sarah decided to give back to the hospital as a sign of her appreciation for caring for her cousin. Sarah is collecting supplies and items for the Child Life Program at Sloane Kettering. These are things that the children can use during their treatment throughout the year. She and Andie will visit the hospital together and make this wonderful donation. Please read on to learn more about her Project and how you can help.

“My cousin Andie, who is 8 years old, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma last August,” Sarah explains. “Seeing what she went through made me realize how difficult cancer and being treated for cancer can be and made me want to help anyone going through that. The Child Life Program at the hospital put a smile on Andie’s face and cheered up other patients like Andie. The Program provides games, books, crafts and activities for young patients to do/use while waiting for treatment or even while getting chemotherapy, which can take hours and hours. The Program also provides gifts to children at the hosptial on their birthdays and on holidays.”

Sarah is collecting items that Sloane Kettering has requested (see full-list here) and plans to visit the hospital with her cousin Andie on June 15th; they will take along whatever items they are able to collect. Sarah’s contact info is here. She is asking our MM readers to help make this collection a huge success.

We want to thank Sarah for sharing her Mitzvah Project with us. Sarah, your Project is for a great cause and once again, we thank you for showing us how one kid can truly make a difference!

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