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Mitzvah Project: Trauma Awareness

We read about a great Mitvah Project in the Sun-Sentenial about Miami resident Hannah Mayer honoring the hospital that saved her father’s life.

When Hannah’s dad Jonathan was involved in a near fatal bike accident a few years ago, he was helped out by the trauma center team at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Hannah was inspired to do something wonderful for them.


MM: Why did you decide to take on this particular project/charity?
My dad Jonathan was involved in a near fatal bike accident a few years ago, he was helped out by the trauma center team at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. This inspired me to raise money to provide awareness of traumatic accidents and educate people about ways to avoid traumatic situations.

MM: Can you give us details of your Mitzvah Project?
We raised money and awareness for the Memorial Hospital Foundation by participating with my father in the Bayfront Challenge Triathlon in Homestead, Florida. The race includes a 1/4 mile swim, a 14 mile bike ride (roads closed to cars), and a 5K run and I placed first in my age division. I also organized the Miami Arts Charter School’s Trauma Awareness & Prevention Day. The school event featured the hospital’s trauma team speaking about ways to prevent injuries and  I spoke with middle school and high school students about my experiences and selling bracelets to help trauma patients. We raised close to $5,000 from the triathlon.


Hannah Meyer Mitzvah Project

Hannah and her family


MM: Anything else we need to know about your Mitzvah Project?
HM: Funds raised benefit the Memorial Hospital Foundation and will also be used to help out-of-town family members of trauma victims pay for hotels and other expenses while their loved ones recuperate in the hospital. I really never thought about how important safety was until he got into the accident and I see kids at school all the time and they make dangerous decisions and I thought to myself, ‘Is there a way we can prevent that?’ and then I thought that this could be an opportunity to make people aware of what trauma is and to show them how important safety is,” she said.

MM: In your own words, what does it mean to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your Bat Mitzvah?
HM: I’ve learned a lot of what being Jewish means to me and I also learned a lot more of what safety means to me.

MM: For how long can people donate to this charity?
HM: You can still donate to the Memorial Hospital Foundation in Hannah’s honor at https://mhsfoundation.org/donate/hannah.

We wish a Mazel Tov to Hannah and her family as she became a Bat Mitzvah on October 11, 2013.



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