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Mitzvah Project: Make A Sandwich Day

Emma Newman celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in November, 2011 and completed a terrific Mitzvah Project that’s easy to do in any city or town around the country!

She called her project, “Make A Sandwich Day” and with the help of family and friends, made sandwiches for the homeless and donated the food to The Inn who serve the hungry and homeless Long Islanders with dignity, respect and love.

We spoke with Emma to get more details about her project:

MM: Why did you decide on Make A Sandwich Day for your Mitzvah Project?
EN: I decided to make sandwiches because the food pantries are low in supplies since there are so many people out of work. People have lost their homes because of the economy.  I wanted to help many people who can’t afford to buy food to survive.

MM: How many people showed up to help you on the day you made sandwiches?
EN: About 40 friends and family came to my house during the day to help make the sandwiches and donate supplies.

Emma Newman Mitzvah Project

MM: How did you get the word out about the sandwich making day?
EN: We sent out an evite invitation to all our friends and family inviting them to our house on a particular Sunday with a 4 hour window of time. We asked them to help make sandwiches or donate supplies. We also sent out reminders the day of the event.

MM: There could be other families reading this who would like to do the same thing. Please explain exactly what you did?
EN: We purchased 30 pounds of cold cuts, used 500 baggies and 40 loaves of bread! With the help of our 40 friends and family we created 491 sandwiches which we stored in coolers all over our house and in our refrigerator until we could bring them to The Inn.

Emma Newman Mitzvah Project

MM: What happened on the day you delivered the sandwiches to The Inn?
EN: We had called in advance to make sure they needed the sandwiches. The soup kitchen was very crowded and there were volunteers all over making baskets of food and having a coat drive. They welcomed us and thanked us.

Great job Emma! We would like to thank Emma for sharing her Mitzvah Project with our readers.

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