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Mitzvah Project: Donate Sweatshirts And Sweatpants!

For one of our very first Mitzvah Project profiles, we wrote about Allison Grey and her project called, Children With Soul. Now it’s her brother Alex’s turn and he is asking for your help.

He wants to know if your closets are overflowing and if you have way too many Bar or Bat Mitzvah sweatshirts and sweatpants? Are you ready to give them away?

Alex is collecting Bar and Bat Mitzvah sweatshirts and sweatpants starting now thru November 1, 2010. He will be donating them to the homeless for his Mitzvah Project.

If you are ready to give some or all away, they’ll take them!!! Email Alex’s Mom Sue at or call them at 516-364-0527 to get their address. You can either drop your donation off at their house or mail it to them.

Please tell your friends about Alex’s Mitzvah project! Cleaning out your closet will be helping yourself and a good cause!




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