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Mitzvah Project: Art Supply and Fund Drive for Veterans

Seth Brail of Chappaqua, New York, is getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah celebration to be held on April 18, 2015.

Seth’s Mitzvah project raised funds to help Israeli disabled veterans through Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans or (FIDV). The organization supports multiple Beit Halochem (House of the Warrior in Hebrew) centers in Israel which provide a wide spectrum of rehabilitation programs for Israeli servicemen and women disabled in the line of duty.

Part of the money Seth raised funded a Beit Halochem Excelling Disabled Athlete Scholarship. The scholarship program supports, encourages and motivates those disabled to take part in international competitions and the Paralympic games. With the rest of the money Seth purchased and personally delivered art supplies for Beit Halochem-Tel Aviv’s Art Therapy Programs on a recent trip to Israel.

Pictured L-R: Seth is receiving a certificate honoring his Mitzvah Project from Ora Chayoun, Manager of the Beit Halochem Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Please read more about Seth’s amazing project.



MM: Can you give us details of your Mitzvah Projects
: For one month prior to my trip to Israel in October, I raised money to do two things – 1) To buy art supplies for the art therapy programs at Beit Halochem, Tel Aviv and 2) To make a donation to Beit Halochem’s Excelling Athlete Scholarship Program. I personally delivered all the art supplies to Beit Halochem’s Tel Aviv center when I was in Israel. I toured the center and saw some finished artwork. I met some disabled veterans who were playing billiards which helps with their severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I watched some wheelchair tennis players practice and saw the wheelchair basketball team practice. They all compete internationally which is why I was glad to donate to the Scholarships for Excelling Athlete Program also.


Seth Brail
Some of the amazing fine art supplies Seth donated

MM: Why did you decide to take on this particular charity?
SB: My cousin got married in Tel Aviv in October. Six months before that my mom told me that I could go with her to Israel for the wedding if I did a Mitzvah project that involved an organization in Israel. We first came up with the idea of bringing art supplies to a children’s organization in Israel. When the war in Gaza broke out, we decided to do something for soldiers and found Friends of Disabled Veterans (FIDV). This organization helps disabled Israeli Defense Force veterans all over Israel. One of their many rehabilitative programs is an art therapy program. So, I could keep the art supply drive idea but just connected with a different organization. I also expanded the project to also raise money for Beit Halochem’s amazing wheelchair athletes.

MM: In your own words, what does it mean to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your Bar Mitzvah?
It feels good to do something that helps other people and to be able to meet some of the people that you help. When you’re preparing for your Bar Mitzvah, the Mitzvah project in particular affects your character a bit. It helps makes you a better person.


Seth Brail
Seth personally delivered the art supplies

MM: How did you spread the word?
: We sent emails to friends and family talking about the project and about FIDV/Beit Halochem.

MM: For how long can people donate to this charity?
As long as the charity exists people can donate.

We thank Seth and his family for sharing his amazing Mitzvah project with our readers.

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