Hair Donation Extravaganza

Sarah Brotman of Columbia, SC, is giving of herself – literally – for her Mitzvah Project. She is donating her hair, and is encouraging others to do the same.

Sarah has organized a hair collection for those in need of hair due to a medical condition or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. The Hair Donation Extravaganza will take place on Sat., March 7th, 2009 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Wella Professionals School in Columbia, SC. The organizations benefiting from the Extravaganza are Wigs For Kids and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

The Wella school has agreed to cut and style everyone’s hair at no cost when you donate your tresses. To donate to Wigs For Kids, you need at least 12 inches and to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, you need at least 8 inches of untreated hair.

Sarah tells us, in her own words, why she decided on this particular Mitzvah project and what she hopes to accomplish:

I chose this project because I have lost a few friends to cancer before, and I figured that I should help the cause.  I want women and children to feel good about themselves and I love to do Mitzvot!  I have already donated my hair once, and felt great about it.  Knowing that I was helping somebody to feel good about themselves, was my favorite part of the experience.

Thanks to somebody who donated their hair, my Grandmother got a wig, which lifted her self confidence from 1 to 100.  Since I know how it feels to be defeated by cancer, I feel we should show cancer that we can defeat it.  By giving people confidence, it enables them to have a more positive outlook.

Doing a Mitzvah Project for my Bat Mitzvah means that I can show I am becoming a woman, instead of just pretending.  I want to be different by showing that I am serious about my commitment to Judaism. I plan on being serious about my commitment by doing something that is special to me.

Thank you, Sarah! Let the cutting begin!

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