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Designing a Mitzvah Project that “hits home” often makes the Project more meaningful for the Mitzvah child. We believe that the personal approach taken by Valerio of Houston, Texas, allowed him to embrace his Project and see real results that meant a lot to him. Valerio’s Bar Mitzvah took place in January 2008, and his Project benefited the Houston Food Bank.

Here’s what Valerio shared with Mitzvah Market:

MM: Describe your Mitzvah Project.
Valerio: I collected canned food before my Bar Mitzvah and used the cans as place cards during the party. I volunteered several times over the course of the year. I also donated 5% of my Bar Mitzvah money to the cause.

MM: Why did you decide to take on this particular Project and charity?
Valerio: My parents own a white table restaurant and we feed customers and families each day. I wanted to give back to those that do not have the ability or opportunity to receive three meals each day.

MM: In your own words, what does it mean to you to do a Mitzvah Project?
Valerio: A Mitzvah Project basically means doing what you can to give back to your community. Whether it is by raising money, hosting drives, or volunteering your time, all are beneficial to your surroundings.

We want to thank Valerio for sharing his story with us. His parents, who own and operate Arcodoro in Houston and Pomodoro in Dallas, must appreciate that their son chose to benefit those who might go hungry without donations like Valerio’s.

To learn more about the Houston Food Bank, please visit its Website.

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