Blankets of Love

Tari of Camarillo, CA, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah earlier this year. As part of her rite of passage, Tari organized a Mitzvah Project that would benefitOperation: Blankets of Love. The organization collects items for animals in shelters, to make the animals more comfortable.

“I collected blankets, towels, washcloths, sheets, and pet beds for 3 months,” Tari tells Mitzvah Mail. “I put boxes at my temple, and I put boxes at my school. Once both boxes were overflowing (which happened a lot), I would contact the head of the foundation, Eileen Smulson. I would then arrange a meeting point and give her the blankets to take to pounds and shelters. Then I would collect some more.”

The idea is that by making the animals more comfortable, it could help to save their lives. “Operation: Blankets of Love works with dogs, cats and other animals in the pounds. When the animal is more comfortable (with a blanket) then they tend to be adopted more often, saving animals’ lives.”

We want to thank Tari for sharing her Mitzvah Project with us. You really are making a difference, Tari!

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