A Hotel Themed Bat Mitzvah

A Hotel Themed Bat Mitzvah

This family celebrated with a Hotel Remy theme at Temple Or Elohim in Jericho, New York.

There were many creative touches used to make guests feel as it they were checking into a hotel!


Jack Katz Photography provided the pictures below and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of this spotlight story.



Pictured Above: The fun family




Invitations By Rochelle created this beautiful invitation that arrived in a box.


Babbush invitation
Guests were all invited to wear black



All the women looked great. Mom wore a custom design by Runway Couture and her sister’s dress was altered by Kimberly from Runway Couture too. The guest of honor’s white dress really stood out among the guests in black. Her full skirt came off to reveal a short, fun dress underneath.

Babbush Style

This “convertible” dress was from It’s Simply For You

Babbush Mitzvah Style
She wore this short, fun dress for the beginning of her party and as you will see below, surprised her guests in the full skirt as she “made her entrance.” She’s lying on her LED dance floor from Entertainment Tonite!




Hotel Remy was the theme carried out by Dazzling Parties.



Babbush theme
Guests walked up to the “hotel registration desk” to get their old fashioned keys with their seating assignment


Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


The ballroom at Or Elohim was decorated in black & white for a striking look.



Babbush decor

White feather centerpieces with crystals created a dramatic effect against the black table linens

Babbush decor
A LED bar coordinated with the dance floor

Babbush pillows
These custom throw pillows were created at




This family decided to combine Remy’s montage and entrance video into one! Her Mom tells us this worked out beautifully and the flow of the party didn’t need to stop for the montage – it was played at the beginning of their celebration. Carl Hartman from Green Cheese Media Group produced the below video which was played right before Remy “made her entrance.”


Babbush Entrance Video
Watch here

Babbush Make An Entrance

In keeping with the hotel theme, Remy entered her party on a rolling luggage rack! She changed her look from her short dress to the full ball gown for the rest of her celebration


Stamp - Mitzvah Music


Entertainment Tonite provided the music with Carl as the MC. At Mom Jodie’s request, the fun was continuous as Shawn from Hasson Caterers provided sliders & roast beef sandwiches plus desserts and candy on the dance floor!



Babbush with Carl

MC Carl posing with the family

Babbush texting

During Remy’s party, young guests could text a special message to Remy that appeared on ET’s screens

Babbush DJ
On the dance floor, the DJ gave guests gift cards instead of handing out the usual blinking rings, sunglasses and hats

Entertainment Tonite - Virtual Dancer
ET also provided the virtual dancer. A fun, interactive hologram of the guest of honor (and her friend) that is displayed on a light, translucent screen


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake


Shawn from Hasson Caterers created this beautiful and elegant cake.


Babbush Mitzvah Cake




Hockey lace-up sweatshirts created by Best Express were given to all Remy’s friends. Instead of favor bags, they gave out the sweatshirts in laundry bags to keep with the hotel theme!


Babbush favors




After all the delicious desserts provided by Hasson Caterers, guest were treated to Good Humor ice cream and another surprise waiting for them at their cars.



Babbush Mitzvah Exit

Babbush magnets
These car magnets from were on all the guests’ cars


Stamp Vendor's Directory


The following vendors helped to make Remy’s party special. If you give any a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Venue: Or Elohim
Caterer/Cake: Hasson Caterers
Invitations: Invitations By Rochelle, 516-378-6983
Photographer: Jack Katz, 718-948-3965
Music Entertainment: MC Carl, Entertainment Tonite
Decor: Barbara Becker, Dazzling Parties
Car Magnets:
Favors: Best Express, 516-935-2869
LED Dance Floor/Texting: Entertainment Tonite
Montage/Entrance Video: Carl Hartman, Green Cheese Media Group
Photo Favors: The Main Event
Remy’s Dress: It’s Simply For You
Jodie and Kayla’s Dresses: Runway Couture
Hair and Makeup: Gina, Anthony, Sara, Ashley and Vivian, Bangz, Bellmore, 516-781-1111
Custom Pillows: Cafe Press

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