A 1979 Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Our Mitzvah Family Spotlight’s are very popular with our readers. Everyone loves looking at how other families celebrated their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

We thought it might also be fun to look back and remember how milestone events were celebrated over 30 years ago.

It’s always fun looking back and remembering when….

Mitzvah Grandma Linda saved all the receipts from her son Gary’s Bar Mitzvah. She has shared some photos and pricing (!) from 1979.

Stamp - Mitzvah Family

Above is the Lustberg Family. Dad Alan, Bar Mitzvah boy Gary, Mom Linda and his brother David. Gary might look familiar, we recently did a Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight on his daughter Sydney’s celebration.

Stamp - Mitzvah Decor

The Lustberg’s party was held at the Sands at Lido Beach using Jem Caterers. The bill shows $26.00 a head! They used Dalsimer Florists & Event Decorators (who are still in business today!) for all their centerpieces and decor.

Gary Lustberg 1975

Centerpieces with sports motif were on all the kids tables and were $45.00 a piece

Gary Lustberg 1975

Floral centerpieces were on the adult tables and were $50.00 a piece and they paid extra for the navy ultra suede tablecloths!

Gary Lustberg 1975

A candy cart with balloons for the kids was provided by Dalsimer at no extra charge

Stamp - Mitzvah Cake



Just like today, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s back then had beautiful cakes and a candlelighting ceremony.


Gary Lustberg 1975

Gary and his Grandma Miriam during his candle lighting ceremony

Stamp - Mitzvah Idea

They also had sign-in boards back then. This blow-up of Bar Mitzvah boy Gary cost $8.41! Mitzvah Grandma Linda tells us she still has it.

Gary Lustberg 1975

Gary in front of his sign-in board that was dry mounted on a backing board by Abco Art in Bellmore

Gary Lustberg 1975

Instead of video montages, back then Mitzvah Moms created picture montages like the one above

Stamp - Mitzvah Music

In 1979 it was common to have a band, as opposed to a DJ for your musical entertainment. The Ken Michaels Orchestra, with six musicians performed for $780.00.

Gary Lustberg 1975

The Ken Michaels Orchestra

Gary Lustberg 1975



The Lustbergs used Photography by Michaels and their receipt says they paid for a “prestige” package for a total cost of $920.00. That included formal pictures taken the week before, 11 x 14’s and wallets!




The total cost for Gary’s invitations was $305.00 from Elite Personalized Creations, Inc.


Lustberg 1979 invite

A big thanks to the Lustberg’s for sharing their Bar Mitzvah memories and a special nod to Linda for saving all her receipts! I wonder what the Mitzvahs will look like 30 years from now!


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