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To Lounge Or Not To Lounge

By Bill Kakis of Mormile Florists and Event Decorators

To lounge or not to lounge?! That is one of the questions most commonly asked by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah host. Perhaps this is a question you are considering as well. To help you decide, here are some excellent reasons why you may want to consider a lounge for your party:

Kids on the Move
Let’s face it, kids don’t sit much. Traditional seating for the kids usually means empty tables all night. Between the dance floor and the games, you will be lucky if the kids will sit down to eat.

Let ‘Em Socialize
Lounges are more social. Everyone is together and people are not restricted to interact with those sitting at the same table. The camp friends get to mingle with the school friends, etc. Kids get to mingle, eat, dance, hang out, play games/activities all within the lounge area. Instead of a sit-down dinner for the kids, they can have a buffet of different types of “finger foods” (chicken fingers, fries, sliders, salad shakers, etc.) that they can eat easily while they mingle.

Lounges don’t have to cost a fortune. Instead of big round tables you can use some cocktail tables or hi-boy tables with some colorful linen and a few barstools.

Mormile Lounge 1

You can start with a simple lounge area and then expand if you wish. You can upgrade the lounge and the rest of the space with sofas, ottomans, couches, cabanas, light-up bars and funky lighting.

To answer the question, to lounge or not to lounge? I say you go for the lounge!

To learn more about lounges and décor, contact Bill at Mormile Florists and Event Decorators at 516-766-7000. Or check out Mormile’s extenisve profile in our Vendor Directory.

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