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Mitzvah Catering…What’s Hot/What’s Not in 2010

If you are in the process or are about to decide your Mitzvah menu or even if you are just a foodie, you will want to keep reading! Ever wonder what foods are passe and what are the latest trends?

We have a Mitzvah Catering Expert, Cheryl Kahn-Brocco, who is the Director of Catering for The Glazier Group.

She is telling us about the latest catering and party trends that you will want to know! Cheryl has extensive experience in hospitality and oversees one-of-a-kind events for her clients at Bridgewaters, Twenty Four Fifth in New York City and The Reach Resort, Key West, Florida.

Here are Cheryl’s “What’s Hot” and “What’s Not” in catering and party trends for 2010:


WHAT’S HOT: Fried Chicken vs. WHAT’S NOT: Sliders


WHAT’S HOT: Organic, Sustainable, Local Foods vs. WHAT’S NOT: Processed, Frozen or Imported Food



WHAT’S HOT: Donating A Portion of Your Mitzvah Gelt To Charity vs. WHAT’S NOT: Frivolous Spending



WHAT’S HOT: St. Germain Cocktails vs. WHAT’S NOT: Cosmopolitans


WHAT’S HOT: Short Ribs vs. WHAT’S NOT: Rack Of Lamb

Cheryl airbrush

WHAT’S HOT: Airbrushed Converse Sneakers vs. WHAT’S NOT: Airbrushed Boxers

Cheryl Seating

WHAT’S HOT: Lounge Seating vs. WHAT’S NOT: Assigned Seating

Cheryl email vs response


WHAT’S HOT: Email RSVP vs. WHAT’S NOT: Response cards sent via the mail


WHAT’S HOT: Woopie Pies vs. WHAT’S NOT: Chocolate Fountains


WHAT’S HOT: Root Beer Floats vs. WHAT’S NOT: Frozen Daiquiris

Thanks Cheryl – now we are all in the know! For more information on the venues Cheryl represents, visit The Glazier Group.

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