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Caterer Considerations

By Mark Spiegel from Mark of Excellence

Congratulations on the beginning of such an exciting time in your life! Planning your child’s big day can be as exciting as it is stressful and I hope my advice educates you as well as helps you feel confident with the decisions and choices for your child’s special day.

I know as a caterer and a chef, I always want to make sure our clients feel a sense of trust and comfort and that I have an understanding of how important this day is for them and their family. You always want your caterer to be able to answer your questions with the confidence that they can handle your party.  This is not the day you want your caterer “to learn” at your expense!


Things to look for when considering a caterer:

* They should understand YOUR vision on what the event should reflect to you and your guests.
* They should be interested in you and your child’s favorite food items.
* They should have the same energy, excitement and enthusiam you have about this special day.
* Your contract should reflect all of your particular details, wishes and desires. If it isn’t in writing, don’t expect to see it at the party!

Questions you should ask your caterer before signing a contract:
* How many events will you be doing at the same time as mine?
* Who from your company will be at my event making sure everything we discuss happens?
* How many Mitzvahs have you done before? (Just because they are a caterer does not mean they know how to do a Bar/Bat Mitzvah!)
* What will be the guest/staff ratio?
* Is there a food tasting before my event?
* Will you offer my guests seconds during the main course?
* Do I have enough electric to handle all of the entertainment, lighting, etc?

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We want to thank Mark for his insight. We hope this helps during the planning process!