Make An Entrance

Tired of seeing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child enter his/her party on the shoulders of the DJ dancers? Here’s a great idea for an entrance that will have your guests thinking they’re watching ABC’s Dancing with the Stars….

Remember the big dance number from Dirty Dancing, choreographed to The Time of My Life? Imagine if you studied that dance and got every move down pat. That’s just what a couple did for their wedding reception as seen on a popular YouTube video. (Popular as in 5 million views and counting!) When the song begins, you think the couple (“Julia and James”) are going to dance a typical swaying-back-and-forth first dance. Ho hum. But when the music begins to pick up and they begin to execute the exact dance Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze perform in the movie, you realize this is no ordinary first dance!

So, we think this Rock the Reception concept has some mitzvah-potential. Imagine if your family learned a simple choreographed dance to be performed when you “make your entrance?” Most DJ’s offer practice dance time with their dancers prior to your party, so you could work on it together. Ask your DJ about this Make An Entrance idea; not only will you “wow” your guests, but you will create a memory your kids will be talking about for the rest of their lives. And that, we believe, is worth everything.