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Mitzvah Inspire: Event Planner Mindy Weiss Celebrates Her Son’s Bar Mitzvah

We love everything event planner Mindy Weiss does and have featured her fabulous Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in past Mitzvah Inspire stories: Formula 1 Racing, Around The World Mitzvah, and Watch Out World.

We bumped into Mindy at last year’s Stationery Show and she told us about her son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. We couldn’t wait to see what she would do. Please see below for her fabulously creative ideas!



stamp inspire



For her son Alex’s Bar Mitzvah, Mindy used Beatles’ music, lyrics and personalities to inspire everything from the entrance to the menus and centerpieces to the outrageous decor. With “A little help from her friends”(vendors)…this party really rocked!


mindy weiss beatles penny lane
As the guests entered the reception they walked on “Penny Lane” next to “Strawberry Fields”

mindy weiss beatles octopus
The black and white cocktail hour was designed as the “Octopuses’ Garden”

mindy weiss beatles signage
Hand painted signs directed guests to the main reception

Mindy Weiss place cards

Guests place cards

mindy weiss beatles napkin rings and centerpieces
Albums as charger plates, bracelets as napkin rings along with customized menus

Mindy Weiss

Tables are ready for guests! We love the colorful flowers in the center

mindy weiss beatles centerpiece

The amazing centerpiece flowers were made from 45 records – remember those!

mindy weiss beatles backdrop
The backdrop at the reception with one extra Beatle!

Mindy Weiss

The overall look of Alex’s Bar Mitzvah ballroom

Mindy Weiss

Close-up of the amazing dance floor

MIndy Weiss

Some centerpieces featured custom lamp shades

Mindy Weiss

Mindy and her son Alex share a special moment

Mindy has more pictures posted on her blog and personally thanks all the Vendors who made this celebration special. Check it all out here.

Congratulations Mindy and thanks for allowing us to share your terrific ideas with our Mitzvah Market readers.
























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