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Mitzvah Inspire: Comedy Club

Fringe & Company
is a full-service event design and decor company in South Florida. They recently planned a Bar Mitzvah for a comedy-loving boy and created a “Comedy Improv Night” theme.

Get ready to enjoy one of the funniest Bar Mitzvah themes we’ve seen!

John Canning Photography photographed the event. The venue was Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida.




Mitzvah Inspire comedy club place cards

Place card table was a riot!

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club place card2

Each guest got a different funny prop as a place card

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club place card

Wind-up chatter teeth place cards

Mitzvah Inspire Comedy club cocktail table centerpiece

 A very funny centerpiece on the cocktail tables included, among other things, a rubber chicken!

Mitzvah Inspire Comedy theme ballroom

The ballroom was decorated with posters and balloons in a black, red and silver color palette

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club centerpiece

“Did you hear the one about…”

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club poster

Poster centerpieces featured the Bar Mitzvah boy’s favorite comedian…himself

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club photo booth

Family members holding up funny signs

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club photo booth sign

All-in-good-fun signage in the photo booth

Mitzvah Inspire comedy club candle lighting

The candle lighting ceremony had all the right elements for a big laugh

We thank Fringe & Company for sharing this great Bar Mitzvah with our readers.





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