Chic Karate Kick Bat Mitzvah Celebration

The Event of a Lifetime, Inc. recently planned a Bat Mitzvah for a girl who just received her black belt in karate.

Party planner Melisa Imberman incorporated the Bat Mitzvah girl’s love of karate with a great logo, a chic pink and silver color palette and the perfect tag line: Kick Ass Party.

The celebration was held at 404NYC an event space in New York City. Ron Holtz Photography was the photographer.

Here are some of the fun details:



The Event of a Lifetime Pink and Silver invitation
Small Fry Press created the beautiful pink and silver invitation suite

 kick ass party

The perfect tagline and logo for this karate kid

The Event Of A Lifetime: Karate
Maddy in her pretty pink gown standing in front of a logo’d wall

The Event of a Lifetime Pink and Silver modern lounge

The multi-level event space is stark white so it was a great canvas to feature Maddy’s pink and silver color scheme

The Event of a Lifetime Pink and Silver pillows
Custom logo’d pillows looked great on the pink couch

Karate Themed Bat Mitzvah
Custom cocktail napkins were another great detail

Event of a Lifetime logo gift box sign in

The sign-in canvas (right) now hangs in Maddy’s bedroom along with the glitter gift box (left)

The Event Of A Lifetime: Karate

Maddy makes her grand entrance into her celebration

The Event of a Lifetime Pink and Silver karate gobo
The Gobo on the dance floor

The Event Of A Lifetime: Karate
Maddy and her friends enjoyed a game of Coke & Pepsi

Event of a LIfetime food buffet

 The food from Encore was also beautifully displayed

 Kick Ass Bat Mitzvah signage
Cute signage to hold a table for the “Baby Boomers and Older”

Event of a Lifetime candy buffet
The candy buffet in pink and silver party colors

Event of a Lifetime favor karate theme bags

The gift bags were displayed under the logo

Melisa Imberman favor

Hats, sweatpants and t-shirts with the logo were a great way to end the night

We thank Melisa Imberman, The Event of a Lifetime, Inc. for sharing this amazing Bat Mitzvah with our readers.

VENDORS: Event Planner/Napkins/Pillows/Wall Decal/Dancer T-shirts: Melisa Imberman, The Event of a Lifetime, Inc.; Photographer: Ron Holtz Photography; Venue: 404NYC; Invitation: Small Fry Press

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