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Mitzvah Style: Rent Your Bling!

Renting jewelry for your Bar Bat Mitzvah might be a great option if you are into big baubles but not into spending big bucks for it!

I’m Over It! (we love that name) makes it easy. They have a huge assortment from bracelets to earrings and necklaces and rings. There are no monthly membership fees that many jewelry leasing companies have.  The categories of style are Big & Bold, Glamorous, Rocker Chic, Vintage and  Romantic – something for everyone.

I’m Over It is an online jewelry leasing company that leases designer jewelry such as Kenneth Jay Lane, Gerard Yosca, Carolee LUX & ABS by Allen Schwartz to women for 10% of the retail price.

I'm over it

It’s $49 to lease this Carolee Lux Crystal Rose Set

Their mission is simple: To help women everywhere put an end to beautiful, neglected, over-looked, and ignored jewelry. Stop tossing jewelry in the back of your jewelry box and join us as we put an end to unwanted jewelry everywhere!

I'm Over It

It’s $34 to lease this antique collar set by Carolee LUX

To check out all their jewels available for lease, visit their Website.


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