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Mitzvah Style: Grafeeti Kicks

Have you been noticing the feet of Bat Mitzvah kids? Some wear heels and then slip on something cool and custom that even matches their theme!

Grafeeti Kicks is a custom sneaker company. They transform white slip-on Vans into a one-of-a-kind sneaker based on the buyers requests.

These sneakers have become popular with Bat Mitzvah kids and some are giving them as gifts. The designs are based on the Bat Mitzvah theme, interests and/or the colors of the party.


See a few samples below:


Grafeeti Kicks
These Michigan themed sneakers were for a Michigan themed party

Grafeeti Kicks

Another design example based on the customer’s request

Grafeeti Kicks

 The kicks above were worn by a Bat Mitzvah girl whose theme was “All About Amanda.” She based her design on all her favorite things

These Vans are $200 which includes the artwork and shipping.  Please allow 2-3 weeks from the day of purchase to receiving your kicks!

To see more pictures, follow @grafeetikicks on instagram. Reach them at grafeetikicks@gmail.com or 312-330-3230.



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