Kippots That Perform Mitzvahs

We bet you never realized that by buying a kippot you can help people less fortunate. A true Mitzvah!

MayaWorks Kippots are crocheted by Mayan women who live in San Marcos, Guatemala. As a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, MayaWorks pays artisans at prices they set, provides technical assistance and educational opportunities and meets other Fair Trade criteria. These artisans would otherwise have no outlet for their handiwork.

But MayaWorks is also much more than just an outlet for Mayan products. MayaWorks believes that community development happens through the economic development of women who otherwise have limited ways to participate or contribute to the economic stability of their families. Giving women an opportunity to earn an income from their skills gives them self-confidence and hope for themselves, their children, their family and their village.




The work of the kippot crocheters makes a difference in their daily life. Doing this means more food on the table; it means children can go to the local school and for some families it means they may be able to bring electricity into their home; or take a bus to town to visit a doctor.

See all their other products here and view a video which explains more.

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