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 Most Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations have some form of a sign-in board. We have written about cool sign-in boards in the past.

 At left is a painted bench, done by artist Austin Guerra for a sign in that now is in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s room.

 Here are some great and unique ideas for your child’s sign-in.




 Evan Lapidus Sign-In
For this basketball themed Bar Mitzvah, the Lapidus family created their own basketball floor using adhesive wood stripes from Home Depot glued to a piece of plywood. Total cost = $45.00

Jesse Hernandez: Sign-In
From Jesse Hernandez Photography, this Bar Mitzvah boy had his guests sign-in on his Guitar Hero!

Dazzling Parties

A mirror sign-in from Dazzling Parties that now hangs in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s bedroom

graffitti plexi glass sheet

This hockey themed Gorelkin Bar Mitzvah spotlight had a DIY sign-in made from plexi-glass with the guest of honor’s name and hockey number in graffiti. Markers were tied with yellow hockey laces for guests to sign

Sign In with Style Max Aureli fashion sign in

From Max Aureli Photography, this Bat Mitzvah girl has an interest in fashion and her sign-in featured ribbons hanging from a mannequin. Guests left personal messages on the different colored ribbons

Sign in with Style Landsberg Mitzvah-
This unique sign-in from Simon Elliot Events used the Michael Jordan Jumpman outline, filled in with photos of the Bar Mitzvah boy

sign in box wendy robinson photo

From Wendy Robinson Photography, a beautifully decorated box with a slot to just drop in a heartfelt message

With Style Beautiful Blooms locker

From Beautiful Blooms, a locker to sign for a sports themed Bar Mitzvah

Price sign-in
This beautiful sign-in pillow is from The Pieced Palette

 Rachel Greenblatt sign in

For a fashion themed Bat Mitzvah, this DIY family had guests sign-in on a mannequin bust

Sign In with Style Sara Frances Photography

For a Bat Mitzvah girl who loves ice cream, her photography session was printed on aluminum tiles then joined as a mural from Sarah Frances Photography

Jason Levy - Sign-In Simon Elliot Events
This LED lit screen, also from Simon Elliot Events, features a customized board frame and is now hanging in the Bar Mitzvah boy’s room

Sign in bus from Munoz Photography

From Munoz Photography, we love this “Grateful Dream” bus created for Drew’s Bat Mitzvah

 Did you have a unique sign-in idea for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? Let us know at


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