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Liz Oliner is an artist. Not with food, balloons or cakes, but with a good old fashioned pen and paper (and a computer!).

Her company, Oliner Graphics, creates photo-inspired art that makes for fabulous and personalized welcome signs, sign-in boards, invitations, place cards, stamp and so much more.

Her latest offering is a new iPhone app which can help your child learn the Shabbat Blessings.





See her many samples below:

Instead of the time and expense of hair, make-up, clothes and professional photography, Liz can draw an age-appropriate portrait of your child that can be used in a number of ways.

Oliner sign-in
board for a Bar Mitzvah boy

Oliner sign-in
board for a Bat Mitzvah girl

Oliner stamp
Can be used on your stamps

Oliner invitation
Even can be used as the artwork for your child’s invitation

Oliner recently released their newest product! A new app called, “Shabbat Blessings.” The app has been designed to let a user easily listen and learn the proper enunciation of the Shabbat Blessings and how to serve a Friday Erev Shabbat evening meal without previous experience. The three simple blessings are broken down into a line-by-line format with audio and visuals in Hebrew, English and a transliteration. The kids will learn the “blessing over the candles, the bread blessing and the wine blessing.”

Oliner Graphics
The cost is $1.99, for more information click here.

Visit the Onliner Graphics Website to see samples, to “watch” Liz draw and to read her graphics blog.

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