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A New Way To Sign-In: iSign!


Digital media is such a big part of our daily lives, so it only seems natural that a Mitzvah vendor would produce a sign-in board keepsake in digital form!

After two years of experimenting with various touch screen technologies, Simon Elliot Events has brought the sign in board/book concept into the 21st century with the iSign. We asked them a few questions to learn more:


MM: Please describe this innovative and fun way to capture well wishes from friends and family.
At the heart of iSign is a modified ipad which is combined with our proprietary software to capture digital signatures using a stylus. The experience begins with a blank digital canvas. Your guests choose from custom backgrounds that are designed to correspond with the different groups of friends and family that will be present at your affair.

Simon Elliot Events

Guests use a stylus to write their wishes on a iPad

Simon Elliot Events

Young guests love using the iPad!

Simon Elliot Events

Typical backgrounds might include a camp scene for camp friends featuring their camp logo, or the school mascot for school friends. Once a background is chosen your guests select a digital ink color and begin writing their message. Finished messages are captured as a digital snapshot which is later used to create your iSign keepsake book.

MM: What is the keepsake book?
Every iSign package includes a hardcover keepsake book featuring all of the digital signatures captured during the party. The cover and page backgrounds are tailored to match the theme of the affair. The package also includes a disc containing all of the messages in digital format for upload to the web or emailing friends and family.

Lapidus sign in

After your celebration, you will receive a custom book complete with all your guests special messages

MM: How do guests know how to use the iSign?
The iSign kiosk is sure to catch your guest’s attention. The iPad rests in a custom podium and is tethered to a large screen that displays your guests every stroke as its made for all to see. The entire kiosk can be graphically enhanced to match the theme and color scheme of your affair. For a recent basketball theme the podium was turned into a basketball and the large screen into a backboard.

Simon Elliot Events

Work hand in hand with the Simon Elliot design staff to create an iSign look to match your theme

MM: Do you provide staff for the iSign?
This might seem a little complicated but not to worry, a Simon Elliot staff member is on site for the entire party to assist your guests with their messages. Optionally the attendant can snap a portrait of your smiling guests that will be featured next to their message in the iSign book, put a face with the name!

Simon Elliot Events

This iSign was customized for Skylar’s “Sky Z100” theme

For more information about the iSign, call Simon Elliot Events at 516-586-6822 and visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.




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