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Unique Venue Options For Your Child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration


After you receive your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah date, choosing a venue is first on your planning to-do list.

First, you’ll want to consider size. Knowing the approximate number of guests you’ll be inviting will help formulate the list of venues you’ll be considering. Next, you’ll want to decide if your child’s celebration will be a luncheon, dinner or something alternative. You’ll want to know this in advance of setting up appointments to visit venues.

There are many different types of venues; many with unique options such as a sports stadium, a nightclub, or how about a ping-pong social club, skydiving or a cruise? We can assure you, there is something for everyone. Whatever you decide, be sure to visit to get a feel of the venue space and the staff you’ll be working with.

The vendors below are experts in making their venue special for your child’s big day! 


Melrose Ballroom

Contact: Barry Rosenthal, 718-255-6921,

bar bat mitzvah venue

Welcome to a state-of-the-art multi-level live performance and private events venue featuring a main ballroom, overlooking mezzanine, rooftop lounge & outdoor deck and a full kitchen for catering. Imagine the possibilities with beverage bars on each level, a 30’ HD video wall & multiple HD TV’s, line array audio system, convertible hydraulic stage and intelligent lighting system. In-house staff is always ready and willing to help you through each step of the event planning process to make your event unique.

bar bat mitzvah venue

Top left photo: Main ballroom with views of mezzanine
Top right photo: Rooftop lounge
Bottom left photo: Outdoor rooftop deck with views of Manhattan
Bottom right photo: Bar Mitzvah Set-up in Main Ballroom

To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory. 




Contact: Elvira Grau, 201-567-3810,

 bar bat mitzvah venue


SPACE is a ONE STOP, all inclusive Entertainment SPACE that includes everything you need for an an incredible and memorable celebration!

Each event is custom created and includes personalized decor. Everything from the unique venue, custom menu, entertainment, decor, and the staff is in house and is part of the package. SPACE is a private event venue that is conducive for both children and adults. They offer high-tech entertainment, the largest video game selection, a laser tag arena, and exclusive paint-less paintball and bowling alley. SPACE is the only venue that offers entertainment for all ages with the elegance of a country club, and the ambiance of a nightclub. SPACE is what you make of it!

bar bat mitzvah venue' Top left photo: Jake loves Rock and Roll so we used the letters from ACDC to created his edgy logo
Top right photo: Sydney loves pink and turquoise so we incorporated them in her decor
Bottom left/right photos: Each party at SPACE is as unique as the person that’s having it… we use a name, initials, hobbies/interests or colors to build a custom party!

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SPiN New York

Contact: Latasha Thomas-Jacobs, 212-982-1349,

Bar Bat Mitzvah venue

SPiN New York is a ping-pong social club perfect for your next Bar Bat Mitzvah or special event. Complete with 18 ping-pong tables a VIP private lounge, full-service catering and bar service, with on-site event sales professionals to assist with your reservation. SPiN also offers access to professional ping-pong players to enhance any event experience! #wearespin

bar bat mitzvah venue

Top Photo: SPiN New York’s Private Room/Lounge space is perfect for groups to add on to main floor reservations to provide a VIP room for the guest of honor or perhaps have additional space to accommodate another DJ/Entertainment space or activity for attendees for your event
Middle Left Photo: Co-Founder Susan Sarandon enjoying a little fun and we feel you would have as much fun too for your event no?
Middle Right Photo: Girls with Paddles at SPiN New York socializing and having some fun with paddles. Perfect photo opportunity for your guest of honor and friends/family as well!
Bottom: Main Concourse image of SPiN New York. With up to seventeen (17) tables, lounge seating, DJ booth, tables and bar space, it’s ideal for your next Bar or Bat Mitzvah event 

To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.


Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Contact: Ruth Blackwood, 203-899-0606,

 bar bat mitzvah venue

Inspiration is the key to every event and choosing the ideal location is the first step to creating a memorable experience for your guests. Located in Mathews Park in Norwalk, Connecticut, Stepping Stones has galleries, gardens and exhibit spaces available to make your event special. From parties to dinners, from dancing to presentations, Stepping Stones provides one of the most interesting venues in Fairfield County. Spectacular Spaces at Stepping Stones Museum for Children – the unique choice for a one-of-a-kind event. 

bar bat mitzvah venue

Top Photo: Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s Gala event, hosted on the lawn at Mathews Park by special tenting
Middle Left Photo: The Multimedia Gallery is a very popular space for a wide variety of events
Middle Right Photo: The Celebration Courtyard is a flexible, multi-purpose outdoor space ripe for your imagination. For a distinctive magical effect visible from I-95, the twin-peaked tent can capture the essence of your special occasion in lights
Bottom Left Photo: Futuristic in style, the museum’s Multimedia Gallery has a 33′ x 12′ immersive screen and open floor plan. The space has been transformed into an ice palace, or a ballroom and even a barn. Let your imagination soar
Bottom Right Photo: With the use of our night club sound system, theatrical lighting and interactive floor projection, the Multimedia Gallery can be transformed from a simple cocktail party one minute into a dance party the next  

 To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.


iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Contact: Kris Beavers, 914-449-4359,

iFLY Indoor Skydiving: Bar Bat Mitzvah venue

iFLY is where the DREAM of flight becomes a REALITY.

When you come to iFLY get ready to be blown away – literally. It’s thrilling. It’s amazing. Experience the feeling of freefall as you float on a smooth wall-to-wall cushion of air. There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. It’s just you FLYING in the air. The more you fly, the better you will become. Super fun, super safe and super cool!

iFLY Indoor Skydiving: Bar Bat Mitzvah venueTop Left Photo: “Welcome to the Flight Deck – where you get your gear and review your photos and videos”
Middle Left Photo: “Gear up for the thrill of flight!”
Lower Left Photo: “Excitement for all ages – from 3 to 103”
Bottom Photo: “All instructors are IBA (International Bodyflight Association) certified” 
Right Photo: “Get the superhero experience with our crowd-pleasing High Flight!”

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MetLife Stadium

Contact: Barbara Mastando, 201-559-1642,  

bar bat mitzvah venue

The MVP of Celebration! MetLife Stadium is the perfect venue to impress everyone at your next event. From VIP meeting rooms and a fireside lounge, to colorful field-side clubs, our spaces are sure to provide a unique and memorable experience. Our brand-new, state-of-the-art facility offers multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, world-class amenities and an impressive array of culinary options. Each of our five stadium clubs are inspired by prominent NYC venues and designed by world-renowned architect David Rockwell. With the ability to accommodate gatherings as small as 100 guests to as large as you can imagine, see for yourself why MetLife Stadium is in a field of its own.  

bar bat mitzvah venue

As you can see from the photos above, the sky is truly the limit here at MetLife Stadium! Our team of experts created this most memorable field event and can do the same for your special celebration! 

Check out this video of a fabulous celebration at MetLife Stadium!

 To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.


Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment

Contact: Dominick Caiazzo, 201-842-5013,

bar bat mitzvah venue

Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment is a state of the art facility that features everything from live racing to world class dining experiences.  Our Special Events Team, managed by Ark Restaurants, prides itself on its professionalism and experience.  We will fashion your Bar or Bat Mitzvah into an extraordinary event for you and your family! 

With copper paneling walls, eleven 12’x20′ flat screen TVs and unique over-sized chandeliers each holding three 60” flat screen TVs, our vibrant Victory Sports Bar is the ideal setting for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Our breathtaking rooftop, Victory Terrace, offers amazing views of the NYC skyline or the bright & airy Lounge offer the perfect spot for your cocktail hour. With a variety of options to offer, Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment is the perfect venue for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. 

bar bat mitzvah venue

Top Left Photo: Four of our 11, 12 by 20 foot TVs
    Bottom Left Photo: Adult Dinner area
Top Right Photo: Basketball centerpieces were a slam dunk
Bottom Right Photo: Lounge area with Photo Booth       

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Hornblower Cruises & Events


Contact: Kathleen Vinson, (646) 576- 8412,


bar bat mitzvah venue

Hornblower Cruises & Events is a place to celebrate. We provide the ultimate venue in an unrivaled location, luxury yachts on New York Harbor, with unparalleled views and amazing atmosphere. We can cater to any Mitzvah, intimate to large and ensure a memorable, fun occasion to impress guests of all ages.

Hornblower provides a range of packages and food options including buffet and station menus, we work with Kosher catering companies along with our own in-house catering to deliver a food specifically tailored to the event, with something delicious for fussy eaters and foodies alike. We also have an in-house partner production company that can bring your guest of honor’s dreams to life, from furniture to decor and more.

Hornblower Cruises & Events creates amazing experiences and are experts in providing a memorable experience for all celebrations.

bar bat mitzvah venue

Top left photo: Hornblower Infinity: One of New York Harbor’s most recognizable yachts. Take advantage of a private space, or charter the entire yacht. Amazing views guaranteed. 20-1200 capacity
Top right photo: Hornblower’s yachts can accommodate all your decorations
Bottom left photo: A chocolate fountain is just one of the great options we can provide to make your party extra-special
Bottom right photo: Hornblower Esprit: A beautifully appointed venue for more intimate parties up to 100 guests

 To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.


Elevate Event Lounge

Contact: Marie Eliseo, 914-352-6400,

bar bat mitzvah venue

Elevate Event Lounge is the newest and hottest venue to come to Westchester! We are an all inclusive private event facility with all the latest technology and entertainment options. We are here to help you every step of the way to make planning your event as stress free and fun filled as possible. With our amazing staff each party is customized to fulfill your vision! With our light up high boy tables, stools and sofas we are able to give you that lounge feel without going into Manhattan.

bar bat mitzvah venue

Here at Elevate Event Lounge you and your guests will have an amazing time. With our spacious 5,000 square foot party area with a 1,400 square foot dance floor, there is plenty of room to include any and all of your catering and vendor needs. With 8 flat screens and 2 projection walls, you can experience montages, zap shots, and music videos from all areas of the venue. Our party motivators are always there to keep your guests entertained and to ensure they leave with a smile on their face. See what everyone is talking about!

 To learn more, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.


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