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DIY Personalized Water Bottles


Guests appreciate a bottle of water when they leave a Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

It’s a great idea to customize the water bottle label with your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah theme.

Here’s some helpful advice if you decide to do-it-yourself:



Buy your water bottles in bulk from Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club. You should use waterproof labels, so your artwork doesn’t run as the water cools off in the fridge. has a great selection to choose from.

The most important part of this process is to preserve the water bottle packaging, so transporting them to your Mitzvah venue will be easy!

Here’s how:

Water Bottles

Cut a hole in the plastic shrink-wrap surrounding the case of water bottles. Make sure it’s in the center on the top

Water bottles

Carefully take each bottle out through the opening you created

Now you can remove the old labels, replace them with your custom labels and put the bottles back into the original packaging.

Water bottles

Voila! Your bottles are ready and can be easily lifted into the car and taken to your Mitzvah venue!

If you have any Mom-to-Mom advice or tips, please let us know at

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