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Must-See Attractions In Israel From The Pros Who Know Best



Many families are choosing to visit Israel as part of their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah experience.

Whether it’s just a trip with family and friends or you plan to hold your service or celebration there, we have must-see attractions from a variety of vendors who know the area best!



 Israel Maven Tours

Suggestions From Israel Maven Tours:

Dig for a Day: We love a hands-on experience where you get to touch, feel & discover for yourself. It’s not every day that you get to participate in a real life archaeological excavation and sift through the dirt in search of treasures from the past. Every bucketful of earth has to be carefully checked for pieces of mosaic, bones, jewelry, pottery & other artifacts. This is stuff that has been lying buried for centuries and provides valuable clues about fascinating periods in history.


Israel Maven Tours
Pictured above is a Bat Mitzvah girl unearthing a 2000 year old coin dating back to the time when the Second Temple stood in Jerusalem!

Israel Maven Tours
She’s happy with her find!

Up close & personal with a camel: No trip to Israel is complete without a ride on the “ship of the desert.” These beasts of burden used to be one of the primary modes of transportation in the Middle East, so they can handle riders with ease. Make sure to hold on tight and lean backwards when the camel gets up or kneels down as they have a peculiar motion that is reminiscent of a roller-coaster ride. You can choose from a ‘selfie’ opportunity with a camel to a 1/2 day trek with Bedouin guides through the Negev or Judean Deserts and lots of options in between.

Israel Maven Tours

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 Israel Tour Connection

Suggestions From Israel Tour Connection:

Rafting on the Jordan River: The rafting takes place approximately 10 minutes from Rosh Pina adjacent to Kibbutz Gadot in Upper Galilee in a paradise of nature and attractions, at the foot of the Golan Heights. The beauty of the eucalyptus grove, the whisper of the caressing wind, the flow of the water in the mountainous northern Jordan River channel, and especially the white water adventures exclusive to Jordan River Rafting.

Attractions In Israel: ITC

Excavations of Petra: Literally carved directly into vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff faces, the prehistoric Jordanian city of Petra was “lost” to the Western world for hundreds of years. Located amid rugged desert canyons and mountains in what is now the southwestern corner of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Petra was once a thriving trading center and the capital of the Nabataean empire between 400 B.C. and A.D. 106.

 ITC: Attractions in Israel

Grottos of Rosh Hanikra: Just meters from Israel’s border with Lebanon, this is an amazing point, a beautiful point, and a point that you will not regret visiting. The grottoes and caves at Rosh Hanikra are the result of thousands of years of the power of the sea, and after a short yet exhilarating cable car ride down the cliff face, visitors can explore these incredible formations for themselves, following trails throughout the year.

The sea makes unusual noises as the jagged rocks force it in different directions, slowing and speeding it up, and pushing it onto different areas of the grotto, whilst the carved formations create unusual and eery shapes and light formations as you move about.

Attractions In Israel: ITC

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Suggestion From Jewish National Fund:

The Ayalon Institute, David Fiks St., Rekhovot, Kibbutz Hill, Science Park: Next to the Rehovot Science Park, on Kibbutz Hill, stands the Ayalon Institute, which tells one of the fascinating and mysterious stories in the history of the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel. Here, beneath the ground, and right under the nose of the British, a factory was created for the production of 9mm bullets for the Sten submachine gun, which was the personal weapon of Palmach fighters. The factory lay eight metres below the ground and was the size of a tennis court. The task was assigned to the members of the Scouts A group, who were joined by others, a total of 45 young men and women. The site operated under complete secrecy from 1945 until 1948, a period in which over four million bullets were produced. 

Attractions In Israel: JNF
During your visit, you can see an audiovisual show, take a guided tour, see a reconstructed dining room, the delegation house, halls and rooms, showers and toilets; as well as a Eucalyptus grove with picnic tables and lodging tents.

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Alexander Muss HS

Suggestion From Alexander Muss High School in Israel:

Moshiko’s Juice: One of our favorite places to take students at AMHSI is actually quite close to campus. It’s a short walk from our campus to Moshiko’s juice and smoothie stand in the center of Hod HaSharon. Students love to stop by here on their way into or back from town during the day or in the evening after a long day of classes. Moshiko makes each drink fresh to order and is always taking care of the AMHSI students. He’ll even give our counselors free drinks on occasion! He is so much a part of our school that we even got him a Rosh HaShanna gift and he has come to campus more than once a session’s final banquet! This is important to us because by living on campus in an Israeli city, students get an actual sense of what it is to be Israeli instead of rolling through the sites on a bus. They establish meaningful connections with locals that create special memories and have sometimes lasted long beyond that.

AMHSI: Attractions in Israel

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Suggestions From Aleh:

The Negev Desert: Often bypassed by travelers hurrying to Eilat, is so much more than just an expanse of sand. It’s a place to explore nature, volunteer, hike and play.

Aleh: The Negev Desert
The Negev Desert

En Avdat National Park: A miraculous freshwater spring in the desert that flows from a waterfall, and encompasses the remains of one of the famed ancient Nabatean cities along the Incense Route, the road over which costly incense, perfumes and spices were brought out of Arabia, across the Negev and to the Mediterranean ports. Wheelchair accessible.

Israel Attractions: En Avdat National Park

En Avdat National Park

Timna Park: The colorful sands of the Timna Valley are full of minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium, and make for a truly amazing nature walk. Various others attractions await you in the park, including pedal boats on the lake, colored sand bottle making, fashioning “King Solomon’s stamps” and many other family-oriented activities.

Park Timna: Israel Attractions

Timna Park

International Birding & Research Center: Each year, tens of millions of migrating birds pass through the Arava and Eilat. Today, the park is one of the most unique and important birding sites in the country. The IBRCE focuses on research and monitoring of migrant birds, eco-tourism activities as well as all other matters relating to the interaction between birds and the local population.

Attractions In Israel: Aleh

Kibbutz Lotan: Embracing the concept of ‘Tikun Olam’ (repairing the world), this Kibbutz is world famous for long-demonstrated commitment to sustainability and cooperative action. Lotan’s population is equally divided between native-born Israelis and immigrants from all over the world. Their economy is based on date plantations, the production of dairy products, tourism, holistic health center, mariculture and various professions held by members who work outside of the kibbutz. There is also a lovely eco guest house available.

Attractions in Israel: Aleh

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