Camp Finds For Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration


Lulu & Lattes, a popular blog by Amy Selling recently featured, Lulu’s Ultimate Camp Visiting Day Guide 2015, which included some of the “hot” items that parents can bring to their kids who are at sleep-away camp.

We think there are some unique Mitzvah Finds that can be used as save-the dates, place cards, favors and/or Mitzvah Exit treats and would be a great addition to any Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.






StickerGum is a family-owned company that customizes gum with edible full-color images. It’s layered with edible wafer paper made from all natural ingredients and then customized with FDA approved edible ink. When you chew StickerGum, the novelty paper disappears! Minimum order quantity is only 20 pieces.


Sticker gum


Pretty Please nail polish offers custom name nail polishes. There are over 26 colors to choose from. First you choose a shade of color, then you name the polish, then you pick the amount of bottles you would like. Nail polishes are $12 a bottle, but they drop in price if you order more than one.


prettyplease nail polish


Candy with a Twist is an online sweets boutique that specializes in custom candy designs and one of a kind edible favors and gift items. This S’mores kit is $6.75.


Candy with a Twist


  To see Lulu and Lattes complete Ultimate Camp Visiting Day Guide 2015, click here.



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