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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Logos Using Names and Initials

What’s in a name? A logo!

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah families get very creative when it comes to incorporating their child’s name or initials into their Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo. We’ve seen some really clever variations that ‘brand’ the celebration for things like custom postage stamps, centerpieces, Gobos, napkins, cakes, Mitzvah Favors and more!

Who’da thunk 13 years ago when you were naming your child, you would be considering how to use the name as a logo?

We hope these ideas will inspire you to create a logo with your child’s name. Enjoy!


Names In Bar Bat Mitzvah Logos

Here are some clever ways we have seen names incorporated into the Bar Bat Mitzvah logo and then used on a variety of party elements. See more clever logos here.

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Initials In Bar Bat Mitzvah Logos

If you can’t think of something clever with your child’s first or last name, here are some clever ways to use a boy or girl’s initials in their Bar Bat Mitzvah logo. We hope these examples inspire you for your own celebration!

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Did you have a clever way of incorporating your child’s name or initials into their Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo? Let us know at


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