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Bar Bat Mitzvah Bathroom Baskets

One of the small details that comes up as your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah date approaches is the bathroom basket filled with amenities. It’s one of those optional items that isn’t absolutely necessary, but many put together at the last minute.

Some venues and/or decor vendors will take care of this for you. BUT…if you want to DIY, we created a list that will get you started. Usually it’s the ladies room that has a basket, but just in case, we have listed items for the men’s room too!



Our list has some suggested items — you can add or delete as you see fit:

Ladies Lounge Toiletry Baskets:

Anti Frizz Lotion * Tampons & Panty Shields * Sewing Kit * Clear Nail Polish * Eye Drops * Static Guard * Spray Deodorant * Hand/Body Lotion * Dental Floss * Mints/Gum * Emery Boards * Hair Comb & Small Brush * Bobby Pins * Safety Pins * Band-Aids

Men’s Lounge Toiletry Boxes:

Hand Lotion * After Shave Lotion * Emery Boards * Combs & Brushes * Mints * Spray Deodorant * Band-Aids * Eye Drops * Hair Gel/Spray * Lint Brush * Dental Floss * Gum/Mints

Bathroom Baskets From A Few Of Our Mitzvah Family Spotlight Stories

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