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5 Reasons To Plan Your Child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvahs During The Summer

Summer is here!

Your kids might be away at sleepaway camp and you have lots of time on your hands. Why not make use of this carefree time and start planning your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration? It’s a great chance to start crossing items off your to-do list.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start your planning now!

1. Sitting by the pool or on the beach is a great place to make your guest list and review a list of venues, planners, DJs, and photographers that you are interested in using. 

2. You can contact vendors easily using the “Mitzvah Connect” form on each profile page in the Vendor Directory. Since there are few Bar and Bat Mitzvahs during the summer months, these Bar Bat Mitzvah vendors have more time to meet and discuss the details of your celebration.

3. You can do your own research and narrow down the choices. When your child gets home, you can present them with the ones you think are best but still give them options.

4. You have time to leisurely shop for a dress, shoes and accessories for yourself and family members.

5. Sit back and enjoy the planning process…..

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