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Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide To Shabbat

We recently met Meredith Jacobs who not only is an author, but also created a fabulous Website Like all of us, Meredith juggles her own work schedule, shuttling kids to soccer, attending PTA meetings and everything else that goes along with raising kids and having a husband! In her book, The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat, Meredith, who seems like the ultimate modern mom, explains to readers how Shabbat is one of the best ways to bring your familiy closer in spite of a hectic schedule.

Meredith’s guide is filled with helpful tips, recipes, prayers and discussion questions all presented with a refreshing and modern twist. Whether you were born and raised Jewish, are in an interfatih marriage, a recent convert, or simply want to bring more tradition to your family and into your home, you will love this book.

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