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The Best of…Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Bar Bat Mitzvah invitations come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are traditional, some are modern, some are designed out of the box, and some are in a box!

Choosing a Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation can set the tone for the party and also influence the entire party design!

With over 200 Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories since 2008, and new features each week, we know it’s hard to remember everything these creative families have done to celebrate their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Below are some invitations that our Bar Bat Mitzvah families have shared with us in their spotlight stories!




Rubin invite

Dara Grunberg of Dear Friends created Sophie’s white hot invitation, which used a photograph of her and gave guests information about her South Beach theme. Read more about Sophie’s celebration here

 Friedman invitation-viewmaster

The Friedman family used a customized viewfinder by Image 3D. The disk came packaged in a view-master, so guests could click through images. The text, with all of the important details about the B’nai Mitzvah, “floated” on top of each picture. Driving instructions and RSVP cards were slipped into each box. You will read more about this Family Spotlight in the next few weeks

 Dale Invite

The Dale family used invitations from the The Jewish National Fund (JNF).  The invitation explains that a donation was made to expand water resources in Israel and it also served as Larissa’s Mitzvah Project. Read more about this celebration here

 Bryan HIrsch invite

Mom Eileen Hirsch handmade all of the invitations to her son Bryan’s Bar Mitzvah. Read more about the celebration here

Jessie Weinberg invitation

Event planner Michelle Farber created a beautiful invitation suite in a purple and silver color palette. Read more about this celebration here

Emily Eatery invite

Emily’s logo, colors, save the date, and invitations were created by graphic designer Amy Wohl of FabuDesigns.com. The boxed invitation, with a purple gatefold, had a personalized tag of the recipients name. Read more about this celebration here

Hirsch invitation

This modern and colorful invitation was conceived by the guest of honor Miranda and her mom Pam, and created by Caroline Nussbaum of The Perfect Type. Read more about this celebration here

Sarah Merians Invitation
Photographer Sarah Merians created an “Emily Rose” invitation for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, giving guests a sneak peek at her upcoming purple themed celebration. Read more about this celebration here

Gladstone invitation

The original graphics created for Jordan by his mother, Paula Gladstone, were used on his Bar Mitzvah invitation as well as the cocktail napkins. Read more about this celebration here

 Gendler invite
Jet Brittany Airways introduced the theme of Brittany Gendler’s Bat Mitzvah theme with her invitation. Read more about this invitation here

Brenner invitation

Rachel Brenner used her favorite color combination of turquoise and gold for her Luscious Verde invitation customized by Proper Notice. Read more about the celebration here

Kamiel invite

This party was done with a vintage feel and his logo, “Casey@ the bat” was taken from the famous baseball poem. Read more about this celebration here

Did you have a creative invitation for you child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration? Let us know at info@mitzvahmarket.com.



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