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Mitzvah Find: Red Tree Creations

Red Tree Creations offers a range of custom paper items perfect for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Based in Montclair, NJ, Alison Tribus is the owner and creative force behind Red Tree Creations. She will collaborate with you on finding the perfect hand-made paper product to provide a modern and elegant aesthetic addition to a formal or informal event.

Her current range of products includes custom seating cards, stock seating cards, and invitations. She can also work with you to provide customized paper products to fit your needs.

See some of her samples below:

Red Tree Creations
One of her most popular styles of escort seating cards

Red Tree Creations
Belly band place card. First name is etched into paper and last name is cut out

Red Tree Creations

Garden Motif Place Card

Red Tree Creations

Modern Seating Card

Red Tree Creations
Cake Signage

Red Tree Creations

Various Food Display Signs

 To learn more, visit their Website.




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