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Bar Bat Mitzvah RSVP Made Easy

Traditionally, Bar Bat Mitzvah invitations are mailed to guests and include an RSVP card and envelope with a postage stamp (sometimes custom!) to allow guests to send their attendance confirmation.

The problem, as we have all experienced at one time or another, is that not everyone takes the time to reply, and mail can be lost or misplaced.

RSVPify is the FREE online RSVP service that allows you to create custom RSVPs for your special event.

With RSVPify you can sign up for an account and then create your event.  Once you create your event, you will be asked to name the URL of the event’s RSVP page. This way you’ll have a simple web address ( which you can print on your invitations or insert cards.


It’s easy to add custom questions to your RSVP, add a logo or banner, include colors and backgrounds and much more!


For more information check out their Website at


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