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A Jack In The Box Invitation

Our story called “Can’t Forget Invitations” was very popular with our readers.

Your Bar/Bar Mitzvah invitation is the first glimpse your guests will get into the type of celebration you will be having for your child.

There are some very clever invitation ideas out there and one recently arrived at the home of MM.com founder Sheri Lapidus.

The minute she saw this one of a kind invitation from her son’s camp friend, she knew she needed to share it!

With the families permission, here’s what happened:



Avery invitation

This large box with adorable printing on the outside arrived

Avery invitation
Once open, you saw the large pink box above which said, “Little Miss Avery”
Inside was the “Jack In The Box” style toy

Avery invitation

¬†After a few twists of the crank and the “Jack In The Box” familiar tune – POP! out comes Avery

Avery invitation

There were also a variety of “Little Miss” cards with all the necessary information

Thank you to Avery and her family for allowing us to share this special Bat Mitzvah invitation with our readers.

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