The Making Of A Mitzvah Cake

When we heard about this unbelievable life-sized Bat Mitzvah cake, we knew we needed to get the details for our readers from the creator, Corina Elgart of Taste.

She told us that over 100 hours of work went into this creation over the course of 2 weeks.

As far as the ingredients, about 75 pounds of butter cream (made up of 50 pounds of powdered sugar and 25 pounds of butter) and 80 quarts of cake batter (made up of 24 pounds of sugar, 35 pounds of flour and 150 eggs)! She also used 8 pounds of purple and white jelly bean on the base.

The rest of the ingredients are part of her secret recipe!

Take a look at this cake in the making and then the final result.

Taste: Making Of A Cake
The base of this cake is made up of matching jelly beans

Taste: Making Of A Cake

Check out all the details

Taste: Gold Cake

Bat Mitzvah girl Lauren and her brother are all smiles at her celebration

Taste: Making Of A Cake

The very happy Bat Mitzvah girl posing with her cake the day after her celebration!

If you are interested in having a custom cake created for your celebration, give Corina at Taste a call!

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