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If you or your child are on Facebook or Twitter, you need to know about the new social media platform called, ShoutOmatic.com!

The creators wanted to give social networking some tonality and emotion instead of just “text” messages. The early adapters of ShoutOmatic.com have been celebrities and musical artists who wanted to communicate with their fans in a more authentic, engaging and compelling manner.

Most of us believe that an intern types the celebrities “Tweets,” so using ShoutOmatic elevates the experience by adding the celebrities’ real voice! It’s very cool.

We spoke with Norm Levy, the creator of ShoutOmatic to learn how this new technology works and how it’s become a new trend in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah world.

MM: How does ShoutOmatic.com work?
ShoutOmatic is set up in the same manner, structure and ease of use as Twitter. Once your profile is created, ShoutOmatic allows you to “record” and “broadcast” your audible messages so your actual voice is heard within your Twitter and Facebook status updates as well as across all social networks, blogs and web spaces.

MM: Explain how ShoutOmatic.com can apply to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah world?
As Celebrity “Shouts” began to take hold, we decided to add a commerce-engine to allow Celebrities the ability to sell “Personal Shout-Outs” to their fans. As an example, my daughter loves the pop singer Iyaz. For her Bat Mitzvah, I ordered a “Personal Shout” from Iyaz and I was able to tell Iyaz what to say to her.

“Hey Erica, this is your man Iyaz giving you a special “Shout-Out congratulating you on your Bat Mitzvah! I wish I was there celebrating and dancing with you and your friends on your special day! Mazel Tov!”

The “Personal shouts” are delivered as a link and as an MP3 file so we were able to email it to the DJ to play at her Bat Mitzvah and Erica and her friends were totally blown away!

MM: How do we know which celebrities and musical artists are available for “Personal Shouts”?
You can surf around ShoutOmatic and discover an incredible growing roster of Celebrities and Artists that are available for you to BUY Personal Shout-Outs from.

When you find a Celebrity of interest to buy a Shout from, or that you want to order as an incredible Gift for a friend or family member, you simply click the BUY NOW button.

A text box opens for you to tell the Celebrity what you want them to Shout.

MM: Can you have Iyaz give a sample “shout out” for an upcoming Bat Mitzvah girl?
Of course!


For an audio example, click here.

MM: How else can these “shout-outs” be used?
When you get your Shout delivered to your ‘inbox” there is so much you can do with it! You get the Shout as an MP3 file so you can give it to your DJ to play at your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you can post it to your Twitter and Facebook feeds and email and share it with friends and use it as the most incredible ring-tone.

MM: Please tell us the cost involved with getting a celebrity to do a shout.
Using ShoutOMatic is a FREE platform for you to record and broadcast your “audible status updates” to your social media networks, blogs and web spaces. And, celebrities use it for the same purpose so you can follow your favorite Celebs and hear each time they Shout. You can also re-shout, shout-back and download each Shout.

The cost to BUY a “Personal Shout” from a celebrity will vary as the Celebrity decides how much to charge. So far, the prices range from $9.99 up to $49.99.

While “Personal Shouts” are the rave and the coolest way to spice up a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Birthday party, we also have a list of 20 “Generic Shouts” that can be purchased as well from select celebrities. They will not be “personalized” with your own words, they are a generic script that the celebrity recorded to embellish for all popular occasions. These are still fun and exciting to listen to.

MM: How do you sign-up and start using ShoutOmatic.com?
We made signing up very easy! It will take you less than one minute. And even less if you use the Facebook-connect button.

Just visit www.ShoutOmatic.com and start shouting!



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