New Mitzvah Organzier
Fits To A Tee

Low Schmaltz is an online vendor that helps us keep our sense of humor. With shirts (and bibs!) that say, “Does this shirt/bib make me look Jewish?” owner Faron Greenfield says the items are meant for a laugh, but are also meant to give a sense of pride and identity.

Greenfield, a Chicago resident, is a full-time advertising professional. He says Low Schmaltz serves as his creative outlet. His inspiration for creating the tongue-and-cheek line of tee shirts and accessories was “the lame Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards that lined the aisles at stores.” He says, “I wanted to do something that was funnier. So, I actually started with greeting cards and expanded from there when I saw all the other products I could be working with on Cafepress.” is the online boutique through which Greenfield set up his shop, Low Schmaltz.

When it comes to Mitzvah merchandise, Greenfield says that the “Lousy Bar/Bat Mitzvah” tee is a fan favorite for parents to give their kids as a gag. (The shirts says: My parents threw me a Bar Mitzvah and all I got was a party for 300, an ice sculpture of my name, a deejay with a fog machine, dancers, a caricature artist, an ice cream sundae bar, a magician, three new suits and this lousy t-shirt.) He also says the customizable buttons and magnets that say “Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah Kicked Tuchas” is a popular favor item.

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