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Our Mitzvah Finds are fun, no? We love when we hear from you that you really love them too! We thought we’d recap on a few Mitzvah Finds we’ve talked about in past newsletters, just in case you missed them. Enjoy!

Theme Naps – Oh, we like innovative! And these “stand-up” napkins from are napkins that also serve as table decor.

So cute! So smart! offers several collections for all different themed parties and we think they are all so pleasing to the eye. Check out this Mitzvah Find at Rumor has it ThemeNap has Mitzvah-specific designs in the works; call for details.

Fashionable Earplugs – Do you feel like the kids’ music can get a little loud? Especially when a DJ is in charge? Do not worry! Earplugs by JenGen will help tone down the music while still having you look quite stylish. The Website offers a variety of decorative earplugs. There are jeweled earplugs, earplugs with tassels and earplugs with decorative butterflies. Most sets cost around $5.

Favorite Fashionable Earplugs

Earplugs with tassels;  similar to those worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Big Posters, Big Impact – We found a fabulous Website — — that will help you make personalized and custom “Coming Soon” movie posters, mosaic posters, trading cards, magazine covers and much more. All design work can be done right on the site. There are how-to videos available to walk you through the process which is always nice! Prices vary.

Big Huge Labs logo

Editor’s Note: Our story on Big Huge Labs originally ran in our Monday, November 10, 2008 newsletter. Just last week, Big Huge Labs was mentioned as part of the Mitzvah Family Spotlight: The Adler Family. Check out how this real Mitzvah Family used this product as part of their real event!

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