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Explora Torah

Explora Torah is in its 7th year of facilitating events which enable you as participants to experience your own interpretation of the Bible through your unique creativity.

Although they are located in New York, they can travel anywhere in the world.

We got the chance to speak with the co-founder of Explora Torah Elizabeth Yaari to learn more:

MM: Please describe Exploa-Torah?
EY: Explora-Torah (E-T) is a company which creates events where the participants of every age and ability experience their own interpretation of the Torah through creative art forms.

Explora Torah

MM: How would this work for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah family?
EY: A Bar Mitzvah family may hire E-T to have a one time pre Bar Mitzvah event to prepare the student and guests for the Torah Portion reading. During this event we would use one or two of the following:

Bibliodrama – Role play of biblical characters or objects. This method was pioneered 30 years ago by Peter Pitzele who is the co-founder of E-T with Elizabeth Yaari)

Explora Torah

Silk Painting – Individual or collaborative.

Explora Torah

Mask Making

Explora Torah

Shadow Theater

Explora Torah

Paper Tearing Midrash

Explora Torah

MM: Do you have to involve your Temple? (some families are not affiliated with a specific synagogue)
EY: If your Bar Mitzvah is in a synagogue, E-T works closely with the Rabbi and Cantor to integrate the learning and artwork with the service. The participants will have an in-depth personal understanding of the Torah Portion and can participate in interactive conversations around the text during the service. E-T is willing to facilitate this if necessary.

If your Bar Mitzvah is not in a synagogue, we can provide a lay leader with a Torah to train the student and conduct the service. The workshop can also be done on the day of the Bar Mitzvah if you would prefer.

MM: What areas do you cover? How far will you travel?
EY: Explora-Torah is based in NY and we travel extensively, including international.

MM: Anything else we should know about Explora Torah?
EY: Our priority is to create a memorable event for your child and your guests around the understanding of the Torah portion.

To learn more, contact Elizabeth at Explora Torah.


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