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It’s hard to picture Michael Kors (yes, that Michael Kors) as a young man, living on Long Island, helping to plan his own Bar Mitzvah. Considering the fact that this Wednesday he is presenting at New York Fashion Week, we guess he got a feel for large-scale productions with a little soiree of his own, at the age of 13.

As Jill Rappaport writes in her book Mazel Tov: Celebrities’ Bar and Bat Mitzvah Memories (Simon & Schuster), Michael Kors was an integral part of all the behind-the-scenes planning for his Mitzvah. Here’s a taste of what Jill writes in her book, quoting Michael and his take on the special memories that literally changed his life forever:

“I was always a fashion freak. My mother and I turned the whole arranging of my Bar Mitzvah into a year and a half of ‘What should the matchbook look like, what’s the invitation look like, what’s the centerpiece, what are you wearing? Who’s wearing what, when, how?’ So of course, I loved all that. My personal theme was blue for the day and brown at night. The invitation, it was all mustard and chocolate brown. Mustard envelopes, mustard matches. It was the seventies. Mustard was a basic…..

Michael Kors and Family pict

Michael with his parents Joan and Bill Kors
Photo courtesy of Michael Kors

“I was the fashion designer back then, full tilt. I’m an only child so, for my mom, the event was really exciting. And she always trusted my judgment. My grandmother kept telling her, ‘You can’t let a twelve-year-old decide on the dinner menu.’ But she did to a certain extent….

“I didn’t wake up that morning and suddenly think, Oh, my God, I’m going to be an adult, a man overnight. But I do think that in a quieter way, my Bar Mitzvah did let me know that, as an adult, your opinions really do count. Your actions count as an adult. It is your adult introduction to some of these people, people your parents do business with or whatever. It is your first adult moment. So I think that it has impact. The Bar Mitzvah is such a big deal.”

To learn more about Michael’s Mitzvah memories and those of other celebrities like Larry King, Jeremy Piven and Marlee Matlin, check out Jill’s book on Amazon.

We want to thank Jill, photographer Linda Solomon and publisher Simon & Schuster for letting us share excerpts from the book. And we want to thank Jill for giving us a copy to share with you, our MM readers!

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