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Internationally recognized as one of the top balloon artists in the world, Brian Asman of Balloons Equal Fun fell into his profession after being asked last-minute to be the entertainer at a friend’s 3-year-old’s birthday party. The night before the party, he purchased a how-to book, learned to make eight simple balloon designs and then self-taught himself the rest. Brian is now an award-winning balloon artist and attends international balloon conventions, teaches in the United States and in Eurpoe and even judges high-profile competitions.

We decided to catch up with Brian to find out what is hot and new in the world of balloon art and how we might add a little pizzazz into our Mitzvahs with the help of some creative balloon design.

“Balloon art has come a long way in the past few years,” Brian says. “Balloons can be used to create anything the mind can imagine.” He recently joined a team of balloon artists to create a castle scene complete with walls, a moat and a 15-foot dragon.


Balloon man pict 2

Brian says that large sculptures have a large impact

When it comes to incorporating balloons into a special event, Brian mentions that centerpieces can be made to match any theme. He also says that traditional décor such as columns, arches and canopies can be created. Brian finds that large sculptures have a large impact and having a balloon artist on hand creating balloon art to entertain the guests is popular. Creating caricatures of guests (see photos below) is one of Brian’s specialties. “There is nothing more flattering than being presented with such a personalized piece of art,” Brian says.

Balloon man pict 3

Brian made this sculpture for this child’s Bar Mitzvah

Balloon man pict 4

Brian says that caricatures made of guests are very popular

Balloon man pict 5

Another guest who gets to take home a mini-me

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