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When it comes to Mitzvah planning, the rule of thumb seems to be that the invitation sets the tone for the entire affair. When it comes to choosing your clothing and accessories for a Mitzvah, it seems the venue is what sets the tone, even the handbag you carry.

Convertible Clutch

This “convertible clutch” is from Jalda and is called the “Audrey.”
It is available on Bluefly.com

“Your handbag choice should reflect the type of venue the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is being held at,” says Pamela Pekerman, bag guru extraordinaire (photo top left) and founder of BagTrends.com. “An elaborate and over-the-top venue calls for a very formal bag,” she explains. Or, if you are attending a Mitzvah in the city, think of the skyline. “Go with black, steel, navy or auburn,” she says.

Wearing black? Then certainly a black bag will do, although Pamela suggests off-setting the black with a pop of color. Shades of yellow are very popular, Pamela says, and yellows and golds look dynamite against a black dress or suit.

Judith Leiber Gold Bag

A formal affair calls for a formal bag.  This one, from Judith Leiber, is called Mosaic in gold.

If you want to have fun with the theme of the affair, Pamela feels choosing a bag that reflects the theme is cool, but reminds us to keep it subtle. “If you are attending a Mitzvah with a beach theme, for example, you still need to remember this is a formal affair,” she says, noting the significance of the event. “You would never bring a beach bag,” she says and shutters at the thought.

Pamela understands that there is a function to the handbag not just form – as you do need to carry a few things in the bag like your camera, lipstick, Blackberry, keys, etc. She suggests a healthy-sized clutch with a strap. If you need your hands free, pull the strap out of the bag. If you want to look more formal, tuck the straps into the clutch.

Judith Leiber Goddess Bag

Judith Leiber’s “Goddess” bag in champagne. This is a great example of a clutch with a strap that you can use or tuck.

For more ideas on what bags are on-trend, visit Pamela’s site, BagTrends.com.

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