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A Bo Bice Mitzvah

Bo Bice became a household name during the 2005 season of American Idol when he placed second to Carrie Underwood. (Not too shabby!) He has continued to remain in the public eye by touring, releasing albums and appearing as a special guest on subsequent seasons of American Idol. is happy to announce that Bice is also looking to appear at a Mitzvah near you.

We recently caught up with Bice to find out why he is looking to perform at something so intimate as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

MM: What attracts you to the Mitzvah circuit?
Before Idol, I was doing my thing, managing a guitar store during the day and playing music at night. As part of working at the guitar store, I taught people from the ages of 4 to 84 how to play guitar. I love the personal interaction you can have with people through music. I find that is the case with appearing at small, intimate settings: you really get to connect with people. It’s about finding joy through music and sharing it with others.

MM: What can people expect from having Bo Bice at their Mitzvah?
Whenever I do a personal appearance, I make sure the event is about the right person, and that is not me. It is not “Bo Bice” on the marquee for the night; in the case of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the Mitzvah child is the star. I want guests – all guests of all ages – to feel that they have full access to hanging out, having an interactive, good time and simply have fun.

MM: What music will you perform?
I am known for Southern Rock and Americana music. But I am also open to working, through my manager, on what will make the party work for each family. Will I play YMCA? Probably not, but I am open to figuring out what music will make the event exciting and memorable for everyone.

MM: How can our readers learn more about you?
The best way is to simply visit my Website. It will really give you a feel for who I am, and how to contact my team for more information. I’ve got two young boys with one more on the way, so I think I am definitely a kid at heart. I am a musician who enjoys spreading joy through my music and would love to come entertain and celebrate that special day. 

If you are interested in contacting Bo Bice to learn how he can perform at your child’s upcoming Mitzvah, visit his Website or email us at and we will connect you!



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