New Mitzvah Organzier
Wag Tags

Wag Tags is a jewelry-quality favor that will last forever. The pre-production phase includes a consultation where you determine what will go on the back side of the tags and what shape they will be. When the Wag Tags team arrives at your Mitzvah, all the tags that need to be etched have been pre-produced. A photo of your guest is taken and permanently etched onto the tag.

Wag Tags creator Dave Kaplan tells MM, “My tags wear like iron and the image can’t be scratched off. I can do keychains, bracelets or necklaces.” He goes on to give another option. “You can choose to just do a pre-production run of any design on a tag and not do the ‘on location’ work.” Dave comes from a jewelry background and has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade as a DJ and MC. He thought party hosts would love to take part in designing a quality keepsake that is new and different. For more information, Dave can be reached at 917-807-9716.

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