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Galaxy Cookies…Out of This World!

Galaxy Cookies are delicious and out of this world.

Although their main shop is in Westport, Connecticut, you can have their old-fashioned goodness delivered anywhere!

They have a huge assortment of these cookies made with only natural ingredients with names like: Big Bang Peanut Butters, Celestial Snickerdoodles, Big Dipper Double Chocolates and Granola Gamma Rays.

One of the most popular of the bunch is a big sugar cookie covered first in butter cream, then chocolate ganache, known as the O.M.G. because  when people take a bite of it, they go, ‘Oh my gosh!’

They ship nationwide and for special requests Connie Grant the owner uses some of her 200 cutters to shape dough into hearts, flags, sports images— just about anything under or over the sun! She can also put people’s names on the cookies, too, or ice them in any color.

Galaxy Cookies Monogram

Get your cookies monogramed!

Galaxy Cookies

Letters and cake cookies!

Galaxy Cookies

For the “fashion-themed” Bat Mitzvah: Shoes and Handbags!

Galaxy Cookies is located at 12 Knight Street, Norwalk, Connecticut, 203-810-4752.

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